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Senior Taekwondo Program

The reason taekwondo is one of the world's most popular martial art is because of the skills and benefits it provides students. These benefits can be gained by people of almost any age – in fact Grand Master Oh has trained beginners as old as 60.

There are many reasons why students choose martial arts, particularly taekwondo. The reasons include:

  • Physical fitness,
  • Weight-loss,
  • Safety,
  • Self-defense,
  • Greater discipline and self-control.

Whether you’d like to learn self-defense skills, enjoy the benefits of less stress or simply improve your fitness and flexibility, Oh's Taekwondo Centre offers a friendly, professional and supportive environment to achieve your goals.

Couples who would like to train together are most welcome and special discounts are available for families. Contact us today for more information.

Adult classes go for 75 minutes and are held every weeknight.

Click here for details of class times and visit our FAQ for more information about what to expect and what to bring along to your first class.