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About us


Oh’s Taekwondo is one of Australia’s premier taekwondo schools, based in Melbourne. Led by Grand Master Oh, our state-of-the-art taekwondo academy has a team of enthusiastic instructors who teach students of all ages and fitness levels, in the most friendly-manner. While learning taekwondo, you will experience physical and mental health benefits such as improved core strength, flexibility, speed, balance and stamina, while building up self-confidence.

Oh’s Taekwondo Centre was established in Melbourne in 1975. The style of taekwondo taught at the school is Taekwondo Jidokwan, which originated in Korea.

Our family friendly school is committed to providing a safe martial arts experience to students of all ages. Class sizes are small because it is important to us to focus the right amount of attention on students to ensure they get the very best out of their practice.

Our goal is for students to develop self-confidence and self-discipline through their training. Taekwondo students also achieve physical fitness and improved co-ordination, agility and flexibility – all in a fun and courteous environment.

Grand Master Oh is the Head Instructor and owner of the school. He aims to encourage a sense of discipline in students and inspires them to be leaders in their communities.


We combine fun, discipline and science to provide safe and stimulating system of learning for children and adults alike. We intentionally keep the class sizes small so that the instructors can give personal attention to each student. Whether you want a break from your monotonous, stressful life or want to improve your child’s physical and social skills, taekwondo is for everybody.